The legacy of Ernst brand

Since 2011, Kerstin and Lutz Krüger-Brand have been running the pretty hotel and restaurant in Rinteln, with which Kerstin’s father Ernst fulfilled a lifelong dream in 1971. After several years at sea, he and his wife Gisela were able to buy the former inn with two guest rooms, which has been in the family ever since. Ernst and Gisela Brand have grown their Hotel Stadt Kassel with love and passion over five decades. Always in view: the potential of the location in the historic old town of Rinteln, near the Weser and in the tourist-popular Weserbergland. They created their life’s work, which Kerstin and Lutz continue today together with the third generation, Julia and Moritz-Christian Brand, and develop together with pride and professional skill.

  • 1605

    The Count Schaumburg bailiff and customs officer Henricus Heldt and his wife Engte Bredenbach had the stately half-timbered house built.

  • 1625

    The house became the property of the Poppelbaum merchant family, who had the Utlucht (porch) added in 1683.

  • 1719

    From 1719 the house was used as an inn (tavern with a stable).

  • 1751

    Friedrich Christian Feldmann acquired the house. He earned his money by renting out horse-drawn carriages. During this time, the house also served as a post office for the Thurn and Taxi transport mail. At the same time, Feldmann set up an inn for his guests.

  • 1795

    Around 1795, a Propping family from Göttingen took over the inn.

  • 1881

    The house became the property of Heinrich Bosse. The hotelier gave the house the name “City of Cassel”.

  • 1971

    The married couple Ernst and Gisela Brand bought the hotel.

    Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“
  • 1994

    ließ Ernst Brand das Hotel durch einen großen Anbau erweitern.

  • 2011

    haben Tochter Kerstin und Schwiegersohn Lutz Krüger-Brand die Geschäftsleitung übernommen.

damals noch "Stadt Cassel"

zu Beginn des 20. Jahunderts

damals noch “Stadt Cassel”

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Hotel Stadt Kassel
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31737 Rinteln
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